The Youth Red Cross (YRC) is one of the avenues among NCC, NSS and NSO available to the students to be pursued under Personality and Character Development Programme.

Each generation passes on the torch of development to the next. Hence it becomes the challenge for the present generation to groom the future of tomorrow and that is the ‘Youth’. The Indian Red Cross which has in its fraternity 10 million Youth Red Cross (YRC) and Junior Red Cross (JRC) members keeps on organizing various programmes and activities for the youth.


Activities like Blood Donation Camp, Road Safety Campaign, Visit to Ashrams & Government Institute for Mentally Retarded, Restacking books in the University Library, Reading for the Visually Impaired, Tree Plantation, Campus Cleaning, AIDS Awareness Programme & Rally, Participation in the Cancer Rally and Tobacco Control Measures were some of the important items of work carried out by the Students of the University Departments.