About IEEE Student Branch

The IEEE student branch of Ranganathan Engineering College started out as the premier international club in our college in 2008, and has since gone from strength to strength. It strives to provide outstanding value to its members. Its main endeavor in our college is to give its members an edge, and expose them to the cutting edge of technology. We regularly conduct aptitude tests, brainstorming sessions, GDs, technical seminars, workshops and educational tours for the benefit of our members. In 2011 we successfully conducted ZEETA’11 in association with Computer Society of India and Science Forum. In 2012 we successfully conducted ZEETA’12 in association with Electrical engineering association. In 2013 ZEETA’13 another major caliber on the mile stones of our student branch. And also ZEETA’14 which was made to be the Energy Conservation project expo in the state which had almost 480 participants from various colleges. We conduct a year wise symposium on any one of the major domains available in our college. We also conduct two to three interstate technical workshops each year.

We have received “Best student Branch award” two times among all STBs , And we are receive the best activities award among all STBs in MADRAS section in the year of 2012-13 and 2013-14.