Department Events

REC Activities Details From June 2013 to 2015

1 09-01-2013 Association Guest lecture on “carving a niche carrier in ESD” Mr. R.Sundar,Senior manager,Inter logix embedded solutions,Pondicherry.
2 21-01-2013 IETE Guest Lecture on a tour on Signal Processing Prof P.Vetrivelan,, Coimbatore.
3 24-01-2013 Association Guest lecture on “Recent trends in telecom” Mr.Premjith,VAS engineer,UNIFIED COMMS OFFICE,CBE.
4 23-02-2013 Association TECH TALK EVENT Mrs.Kalyani.S,HOD/ECE.
5 14-03-2013 Association Valedictory function Dr.N.Sathish Kumar,Professor in ECE,Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College,CBE.
9 10-07-2013 Association ECE Department Association Inauguration – Chrominz’13 Mr.T.R.Madhavan, Sub Divisional Engineer, 3G Mobile Switching Centre, BSNL, Coimbatore
10 10-07-2013 EEE/ECE Program On Career In Networking-EEE/ECE Ms.Archana & her team from Aarons Academy
11 17-07-2013 Training and Placement Placement Training On Resume Designing And Gestures And Postures For Final Year Students Mr.Aashish from Fresh Minds
12 24th – 26th -07-2013 ISTE Students Leadership Team ISTE Students Leadership Workshop For II  & III Year Students Mr.Sriram Nannapaneni,  Mr.Ram Sushvanth, Ms.Revati Sathish,Mr.Amirtha Kailash & Ms.Reshmi Namboodiri From ISTE Students Leadership Team
15 02-08-2013 IETE Inauguration Of  IETE Student Forum Mr.P.Senthil Kumar, Partner, Genmech Systems, Coimbatore
17 29-08-2013 Association Guest Lecture On Embedded Systems & Control Mr.Karthick Raja Paul, Assistant Manager, Human Resource Development, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd., Coimbatore
19 03-09-2013 Association 4th National level technical symposium Mr.M.Ganesh,  Consultant automotive electrinocs pricol limited,coimbatore
20 07.09.2013 IETE Workshop on Ham Radio in Disaster Communications Mr.S.Vijayan, Mr.S.Santhanam, Mr Ravichandran HAM Coordinators.
21 12-09-2013 Association Guest lecture on “entrepreneurship in multimedia technologies”. Mr.Anil Kumar , CEO  & Co-Founder, Mypromovideos Pvt Ltd,  Coimbatore
22 12-09-2013 Association Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Telecomm Industries and Opportunities Mr.V.Gourishankar, Managing Director, GMTSINDIA  PVT LTD., Coimbatore
24 01.02.2014. Association Seminar on Basics & Software tools in Wireless Communication systems Dr. Gunasekaran.T,HoD/ECE , Vivekanandha Institute of technology for women, Tiruchengodu.
25 8th – 9th– 02 -2014 Association Workshop on Machine Vision algorithm using Matlab Senthil kumar, MATLAB trainer, pantech solution, coimbatore.
26 15-02-2014 ISTE CELEBRATE THE JOY OF TEACHING AND LEARNING Dr.G.Sankarasubramanian, ISTE executive council member, Tamilnadu & Pondicherry
27 16-07-2014 Association Workshop on BACK END VLSI DESIGN Mr.S.Manoj,
Project Programmer ,
Pantech Solutions, Chennai.
28 22-09-2015 IETE Seminar on “Mobile Application using Embedded System” Mr.T.S.Balamurugan,
Technical Head,
Apex Integrated Systems, Coimbatore
29 29-09-2015 Association National Level Technical seminar Forenoon
Associate Professor, Dept.
of ECE, Sri Ramakrishna Engg. College, Coimbatore,
Dr.N.Sathish Kumar,
Professor & HOD,
Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engg,
Sri Ramakrishna Engg. College, Coimbatore,